Take Your Pup to the Beach, Best Dog Beaches in Northern Michigan

Discover a few fantastic Dog Accessible Beaches

Esch Road Beach is near Empire--This beautiful beach offers stunning scenery and a trailhead to the Otter Creek Trail on the Platte Plains Trail System. 

Bohemia Beach, Good Harbor Bay--Excellet rock picking!

Frankfort Beach--Great spot for a stroll with the pooch after a swim. 

Getting Your Dogs in the Water

It's best to go on a warm day where the water is calm, especially if your dog isn't a great swimmer! Always have a leash handy! 

Keep an eye out for any dangerous items.

Glass, fishing lures, garbage or dead creatures could be around, so be sure to make sure your canine companion isn't getting into anything that could be dangerous. 

Pick up after your pet!

Take care to pick up any messes your dogs leave behind, bring bags and be sure to dispose of it in a proper garbage can!