Teichner Preserve

The Preserve features an enormous elm tree and chestnut tree, unique among all Leelanau Conservancy properties. Early settlers likely planted today’s giants, while later inhabitants planted an orchard that partially remains.

The swampy lowlands here are perfect for black ash and red maple. White ash and sugar maple grow in upland areas. You can also see cottonwood clones that all leaf out at the same time and have identical bark shading and patterns. In the spring, look for clone saplings that sprout in a ring around the trunk of their mother tree. Keep an eye out for broad heart-shaped leaves of basswood trees, shaggy-barked ironwood, and the interlocking diamonds on old ash trunks. Conifers such as balsam fir and hemlock abound as well. Look for tall, lacy tamarack. This unusual pine drops yellow leaves in fall, after its little purple cones turn brown.

Scan the under story for wild rose, fuzzy white pussy toes, and the rarer fern species such as rattlesnake, interrupted, and maindenhair. Of the 13 species of rare ferns in Michigan, nine appear in Leelanau County, and many can be found in the Teichner under story. Blue flag iris also appear in the marsh.