Jeff Lamont Preserve

This forested wetland at the tip of the peninsula features a magical trail through maple, hemlock and beech, dotted with pink lady slippers and other wildflowers come spring. A dense wetland thicket with ferns and 6-foot-tall cattails provides important wildlife habitat. Canopy birds such as the scarlet tanager sing from the treetops. The preserve is part of a crucial wildlife corridor. Follow the short trail through a shady tunnel of trees, lined with moss and wildflowers, and discover this magical preserve that honors Jeff’s memory, and his community’s deep love for Leelanau County and the natural world. Preserved in 2008.

What to Look For:

• Tunnel of maple, hemlock & beech trees

• Ferns covering the forest floor

• Spring wildflowers: Pink Lady’s Slipper

• Peaceful bench for reflection

• Canopy Birds: Scarlet Tanager & Black-throated

• Blue Warbler